How to Choose a String Bikini

1. Pick Bikini Tops and Bikini Bottoms Separately

When searching for a bikini with a string, consider the bottom and top pieces independently. There's no reason to buy a matching string bikini set. One of the benefits of two-piece swimming is that it can mix and match tops and bottoms and put them in an entire bikini that fits your needs in terms of swimwear and style.

Instead of looking for similar strings, bikini bottoms, and tops, select the appropriate pieces based on what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. If you're worried about showing more of your backside, but you would like to show your chest, pair your standard string bikini bottoms and the sheerest top. If you require support but want more skimpy bottoms, choose a padded shirt and Brazilian or Thong's bottoms. Be sure that both pieces that you choose come in a similar colour or material that create a neat set that doesn't appear unbalanced.

2. Check the Fit

When trying string bikinis, keep in mind that they can be adjusted. The bikini that doesn't seem like a good fit initially might be more comfortable after you have changed the size to suit your body. Make sure to untie the string of a bikini before putting it on. After that, tie it back as you wear it to make it fit your own body, not the one of the model or person wearing it before you.

String bikinis can be adjusted; however, their fit can only be adjusted to a certain degree. The bikini's strings will never feel like they're rubbing against the skin. If you're unable to change your bikini to keep the lines from shifting out of their place or pinching your skin, consider using a different size. Additionally, there should be at minimum one inch of the cable between each that your bottoms are bikini-style as they're tied. If you must connect your tails so tight that the fabric is abutting on both sides, you might consider going down one size.
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