How to Wear a String Bikini

1. Prepare First

Even bikini designs with strings that provide excellent coverage are often visible. This is the very nature of the bikini. If you'd like to feel more relaxed, at ease, and secure in your bikini with strings, you must be prepared before publicising it.

If it makes you appear more comfortable, be sure that you cut off all areas you usually have hairless, and that could be visible on your bikini. Be sure to shave at least one day before wearing your bikini in order not to show any visible fresh razor irritation. Also, apply a substantial amount of sunscreen over your body to guard the various areas of your skin the bikini's string leaves exposed. Keep in mind that your bikini line will change slightly as you wear it. Apply sunscreen before putting on your bikini to avoid missing any areas.

2. Tie it Right

The way you tie your string bikini can make or breaks your appearance and feel in your swimsuit. Tie your bikini's string when you put it on and tie it off after every wear. This will stop the bikini from stretching and allows you to achieve an ideal fit each when you do it. Do not knot twice the strings in your bikini. Lines are damaged by tight knots, making them harder to alter in the future. Instead, tie the bottoms and tops of your bikini using simple bows, or even bows, which are secured and easily removed.

Be aware that the flexibility of string bikinis implies various ways to tie traditional string bikinis. If you're bored with your bikini's string and would like to think of something new, explore different ways of securing it to create unique designs like a razorback or a crisscrossed front.
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