Microkini or Monokinis?

When you imagine one-piece bathing suits with full-coverage swimming attire is likely to be the first thought that comes to mind. Although monokinis technically fall into one-pieces, they're pretty small in size. They comprise bikini bottoms made of microfiber and a transparent top, joined by straps, strings, or a thin strip of fabric.

The monokinis featured in this collection are flirty elegant, fashionable, and comfortable. They hug your body and keep it on your body all day, whether you're in the pool, tanning, or walking along the sand.

Micro Bikini Bottoms

Two-piece sets and one-piece bathing suits aren't the only choices for exploring this world of mini bikinis. The collection also has the option of individual mini bikini bottoms.

These bare-string bikini bottoms are simple to wear with nearly every swim top. According to your fashion preferences and comfort level, you can pair the micro bikini bottoms of this collection with anything from a slack Triangle top or a tankini with full coverage style. The style you choose to wear is entirely yours to choose.

Triangle Swim Tops

If you're looking to mix bottoms and tops, the collection has unique swimsuits that work perfectly with the mini bikini bottoms.

These swimsuits are flirty and offer minimal coverage. They will complement the slender look of micro bikini bottoms.

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