Monokini or Tankini?

Monokinis are relatively new swimsuits that have become increasingly popular over the past decade. These one-piece swimsuits are very similar to traditional one-piece swimsuits. However, the monokini differs in that it has a clearly defined top and bottom - even if they are connected - and often has large necklines and mesh straps.

Tankinis and monokinis prove that the modesty of a swimsuit does not depend on whether it is a one-piece or two-piece. Even though the top and bottom of tankinis are separate, most tankini styles offer significantly more coverage than a modern monokini. Many trendy monokinis are only connected by a thin piece of fabric and show as much skin as a two-piece bikini.

Both monokinis and tankinis are flattering and stylish swimwear. However, the tankini is probably the better choice if you prefer modesty and full coverage. Plus, the intricate necklines and strappy designs of monokinis can lead to unsightly tan lines that you want to avoid.
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