Push Up Bikini Tops vs Padded Bikini Tops

Before choosing the bikini top(s) that will be the right one for you, it's crucial to know how these two styles are alike and their differences. So what exactly is it that differentiates push-up bikini tops from padded bikini tops?

The significant difference between a push-up and padded bikini tops is how much padding they have. Both padded and push-up bikini tops have padding for extra cushioning, support, and safety for your bust. Bikini tops with push-ups contain more padding than standard padded bikini tops.

Although padded bikini tops have padding mostly to offer support and security and possibly soft shaping of your bust, the push-up bikini tops have more padding to not only provide support and protection for your figure but also to lift your bustline and enhance your cleavage. Push-up bikini tops generally feature extra padding in the bottom of the cups, too—as their name suggests—push up your breasts and create the illusion of a larger, fuller bust with more cleavage.

In addition, even though the padded bikini tops tend to include a uniform amount of padding all over, most push-up bikini tops have extra padding near the bottom of their cups to provide maximum lift for your bust.

The final word can be summarized as follows. If you're searching for more support, go with a standard padded bikini top. If you're trying that your breasts appear bigger or your bust seem more full and lifted, choose a push-up bikini top.
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