Types of Tankini Swimsuits

Types of Tankini swimsuits. There are many tankini styles. Different tankini styles are designed to fit different body types to flatter the unique figure of as many women as possible. Educate yourself on a variety of tankini styles before choosing your next swimsuit. By carefully considering your options, you're guaranteed to find a tankini that fits and flatters your figure and meets all your swimwear needs in support and freedom of movement.

High neck tankini

High-neck tankinis are by far the trendiest tankini style of summer 2022. Tankini tops with high necklines offer more coverage around the bust, eliminating the risk of an unwanted slip for busty women. This extra coverage can help you feel more comfortable and confident at all times, whether you're swimming your laps or participating in a lively game of beach volleyball.

Although they offer more coverage in the front, high-waisted tankini tops don't look old-fashioned or boring. The trendiest high neck tankini styles feature stylish straps, colorful patterns, or cutouts that add interest to these full-coverage tops. High-waisted tankinis are very comfortable and offer a smooth, streamlined finish that is perfect for busy and active women.

High waisted tankini

High-waisted styles are currently trending in the world of women's swimwear. When combined with a fitted tankini top, the waist is skillfully slimmed, and the tummy is smoothed. Moreover, these fashionable pants will transform any tankini into a trendy look.

These pants fit any figure but significantly flatter curvy women with wide hips and large busts. The high-waisted pants draw attention away from your chest so you don't look top-heavy and make your waist tiny while accentuating your curvy figure for a sleek and sexy finish.

Plus size tankini

Tankinis look great on women of all shapes and sizes, but this swimwear style is incredibly flattering for curvier plus-size women. The full-coverage tankinis conceal your midsection while accentuating your sexy curves, and their two-piece design balances your figure.

Plus size tankini tops mainly to provide support and security for curvy women with large bust sizes. They are usually available in standard bra sizes and have additional support features like underwire, padding, and broader adjustable straps to maximize your comfort and confidence.

Transparent Tankini

Transparent tankini tops are some of the market's most provocative and scandalous tankini styles. They straddle the line between the modern bikini and the traditional plain tankini.

Don't let the description fool you: These tops are not completely see-through. Most sheer tankinis have a solid, lined bust with sheer lace or mesh insert covering the rest of your midsection. Sheer tankini tops allow you to be sexy and show some skin without having to go too far out of your comfort zone.

Tankini top with underwire

Finding supportive swimwear can be a significant challenge if you have a larger bust size. The lightly lined, flimsy material that most modern bikini tops make doesn't provide enough support and security for women with larger bust sizes.

Many tankini tops are lined with underwire to provide a more comfortable and supportive option for women with larger breasts. This lining keeps your breasts toned and minimizes bouncing, so you feel comfortable and secure while splashing in the waves or lounging by the pool.

Bandeau Tankini Top

Bandeau tankini tops are a strapless style modeled after classic tube tops. Bandeau tops minimize the risk of getting annoying tan lines after a long day in the sun. With a bandeau tankini top, you can achieve a natural, even tan without worrying about annoying straps and necklines getting in the way.

Since they don't provide the extra support that straps do, bandeau tankini tops restrict your movement. Bandeau tops are probably not the best tankini style for you if you want to swim or do something that requires more support and security than you need when relaxing on a beach towel or lounger. Many bandeau tankini tops come with removable straps to give you the best of both worlds.

Tankini with skirt

Skirts are a famous bottom for swimwear and are often paired with tankini tops. They are one of the more conservative bottoms, complementing the modesty of a tankini. These skirts provide additional coverage around the lower midsection, hips, and thighs. They subtly smooth and conceal imperfections in this area, giving your swimwear a flirty, feminine finish.
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