Types of Tiny Bikinis

The market is filled with more tiny bikini models available in the market than you would think. The collection contains a broad selection of tiny bikini designs to suit and flatter a wide range of women's bodies.

1. Micro Bikinis
The majority of the bikinis with tiny sizes included in this collection are micro bikinis. Micro bikinis are tiny, ultra-slim bikinis. They provide very little coverage, even in the most private parts of your body. They're made to show your entire body while offering little coverage, which enhances the sexy appeal of these ultra-skimpy swimsuits.

2. Strappy Micro Bikinis
The majority of the micro bikinis from this collection have the sexiest details that draw more focus on the sexiest parts of your body.

Trappy details that are eye-catching around the waistline and the bust of the tiny strappy bikinis found in this collection can improve your cleavage extend your legs, slim your midsection and highlight the sexiest areas of your figure in general.

3. Sheer Micro Bikinis

Alongside offering ultra-slim coverage, most small bikinis featured in this collection are constructed with a semi-sheer surface that leaves less room for the imagination.

The sheer micro bikinis of this collection are constructed from semi-sheer, waterproof mesh which thinly covers your naked skin, giving it a blurring and smooth finish that showcases your attractive figure in a sexy manner.</p>

4. Micro String Bikinis
String bikinis are the most well-known bikini type in the market for women's swimwear. A majority of the micro bikinis in this collection are string bikinis. Micro string bikinis look like regular string bikinis; however, they're made of smaller quantities of material, which gives them the sexiest and most shocking look.

Micro string bikinis that you'll see within this set are constructed with thin triangles of material over the top, which provides little coverage of your bust while also enhancing cleavage. At the bottom of the bikinis, there's an elongated triangle in front and either another narrow triangle behind or a sexier back, with a cut from a G-string. The hot and sexy micro string bikinis offered in this collection give an extremely sexy twist on the traditional string bikini.

5. Plus Size Tiny Bikinis
Don't let anyone tell you that it's not "right" for a tiny bikini. It's true that women of every body type, shape and size can wear tiny bikinis.

The collection includes a variety of tiny bikinis, which are available in additional sizes 1X, 2X, and 3X. These tiny bikinis for plus sizes are specifically designed to fit and flatter females with more prominent, curvier figures. If you're an edgy, curvy, or larger-than-average woman, look into the larger size.

6. Micro Monokinis
If one thinks of a single-piece swimsuit, a skimpy swimsuit is likely not the first thought that comes to your mind. While one-piece swimwear is usually considered modest and full coverage, this isn't always the situation.

This collection challenges all you believe you know about one-piece swimwear by offering an array of micro-monokinis. The micro monokinis are tiny shocking, skimpy, and small one-piece swimsuits with little coverage. These sexy designs feature tiny thong cuts on the back that highlight the curves of your back and deep, plunged V necklines that emphasise your cleavage, giant cutouts in the sides that make your legs appear longer and your midsection appears slimmer.
These micro-monokinis from this collection offer a fresh and sexy twist on the classic one-piece swimwear with sexy results.

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