Types of Triangle Bikini Tops

Types of Triangle Bikini Tops

Padded Triangle Bikini Tops

One of the biggest misconceptions about triangle bikini bottoms is that triangle tops provide little support to your bust. While it's the case that triangle bikini tops tend to be slim by nature, that does not mean they cannot be made to provide adequate security and support for more prominent busted women. This selection includes a variety of triangle-shaped bikinis with an integrated padded interior. The padding offers greater comfort and protection for women with larger busts. It also smooths the form of figures of any size.
Alongside triangle bikini tops featuring an edging that is lightly cushioned, the collection also comes with push-up triangle bikini tops. These tops have extra padding that contours, elevates your bust, and enhances your body's cleavage. The bikini tops that push-up triangles are ideal for women with significant petite figures. Their padding for push-ups offers extra security and support for full-figure women. It also adds volume to smaller-sized statues and emphasizes women's cleavages with smaller busts for an elongated, flattering shape.
If you imagine a triangle bikini, the triangle string bikini top is likely the first design that pops into your mind. Most triangle bikini tops can be described as strings with two adjustable triangles of fabric and two lines - one that wraps through your ribcage and another that is secured to your neck. Therefore, classic triangle bikini tops with bars are halter bottoms tied directly around your neck with a flattering halter design.
Although not all triangle-shaped bikini tops can be described as string bikini tops, most triangle tops within this selection are bikini tops made of string. Triangle bikini tops made of yarn are stylish, comfy, and easy to modify to your body's size and will not result in weird tan lines after the end of long days out in the sunshine. Triangle string bikini tops from this collection are available in a broad assortment of neutral and bright solid colors, as in colorful, summery designs.

Reversible Triangle Bikini Tops

Reversible swimwear is similar to having two bathing suits in one purchase. This collection offers a variety of reversible, versatile triangle-shaped bikinis.
The reversible triangle bikini bottoms found in this collection come with solid colors and patterns on the other side. With a reversible triangle bikini, it is possible to turn the top upside down and then back to match and mix it with matching bottoms. It's like having two bikini tops at the price of just one.
Seamless Triangle Bikini Tops
Seamless bikini tops are much cozier than bikini bottoms that have thick seams. They are also less noticeable under chic beach cover-ups and don't cause scratches or red marks.
This collection features a selection of seamless bikini tops. These tops are incredibly discreet as well as highly comfortable. They provide a secure and close-fitting to women of all sizes and shapes.

Plus Size Triangle Bikini Tops

Contrary to what many believe, Triangle bikini tops don't have to be only for women with tiny busts. Women who are curvier and more extensive and have larger, fuller-sized figures can wear triangle bikini sets, too. A majority of the triangle bikini tops and triangle bikini sets are available in sizes ranging from 1X to 3X to accommodate and flatter women with curvier bodies of all shapes, types, and sizes.
The plus-sized triangle bikini tops in this collection have been designed with unique features for support to provide extra support for larger-busted women. These additional support features include padding, molded cups, wider straps with adjustable straps, etc., to increase comfort and safety for full-busted riders.

Ribbed Triangle Bikinis

Ribbed material is currently atop the charts within female swimming wear. It adds texture, interest, and fashion to swimwear. It is fitted against your body to give you a perfect flattering form.
This selection includes a range of triangle-ribbed bikini tops and ribbed triangular bikini bottoms. The ribbed triangle bikinis are made from the finest materials with a ribbed pattern and are in keeping with the current trends in the market for women's contemporary swimwear.

Triangle Bikini Sets

Apart from triangle bikini tops on their own, this collection also includes a variety of triangle bikini sets that comprise a pair of bikini bottoms and an asymmetrical triangle bikini top. Triangle bikini sets part of this collection are two-piece sets containing a triangle-shaped string bikini top paired with matching bikini bottoms. Specific locations feature traditional bikini bottoms made of string; some have high-waisted tops and cheeky bottoms.

Bikini bottoms and tops in every triangle bikini set are available with matching patterns and colors. You can mix and match the pieces from each group to match other bottoms and tops that you already have in your closet. The bikini sets let you create stylish, sleek, look-alike swimwear outfits that you can enjoy at the pool or on the water without putting more effort into assembling the individual pieces of tops and bottoms.

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