What are Skimpy Bikinis?

What are Skimpy Bikinis? Swimwear preferences are very personal and vary from woman to woman. The Classic bikinis are one of the most popular and common fashions for women in the pool. These bikinis cover enough skin to leave something to the imagination, but they show off your figure. This collection is for women who prefer to take their swimwear style to the extreme. This is a collection of bikinis, but it includes only the skimpiest bikinis on the modern women’s swimwear market.

To be fair, It's crucial to remember that most of the styles you’ll find in this collection are inappropriate or not permitted on most public beaches and swimming pools. As the name of this collection implies, all of the bikini bottoms, tops, and sets you’ll find in this collection are super skimpy and offer as little coverage as possible. The fact that you aren't able to wear some of these skimpy swimwear styles to your local public pool doesn’t mean you won’t get any use out of them, though. Super skimpy bikinis are ideal for tanning privately without worrying about pesky tan lines. They’re also great for showing off your sexy figure while relaxing with your partner in your private pool or hot tub. Be creative, and your options are endless.

Types of Skimpy Bikinis?

G-String Bikinis

G-string bikini bottoms fall into the category of g-string bikini bottoms. These are one of the slimmest styles of thong bikini bottoms in the modern women's swimwear market. The only coverage offered by most thong bikini bottoms is a small triangle of fabric in the front. The rest of the thong is made up of thin strings that hold the bikini bottom to your body.

Thongs are perfect for freely tanning your backside without worrying about leaving tan lines. This collection includes a selection of thong bikini bottoms sold separately, and most of the two-piece bikini sets you'll find here include thong bikini bottoms.

Micro Bikinis

Micro bikinis - also called "microkinis" - are the ultimate in skimpy swimwear. Like all classic bikinis, micro bikinis have a string bikini bottom and a string bikini top.

However, the microkini's top and bottom are skimpy, unlike traditional bikinis. They offer minimal coverage for your most intimate areas to show as much bare skin as possible. Micro bikini tops feature two extremely narrow triangles to cover your nipples - and only your nipples - and most microkini bottoms consist of a single narrow triangle in the front, held together by a thin strip of string at the waist.

Wearing a micro bikini is undoubtedly not for the shy or modest woman, but revealing everything in a microkini can serve to boost your confidence and help you feel better about your body as it is. In this collection, you'll find ultra-sexy, super slim and outrageous two-piece micro bikini sets in various colours, patterns and materials.

Sheer Bikinis

No skimpy swimwear collection would be complete without sheer bikini options.

This collection includes several sheer bikini sets made from a semi-sheer mesh. Some of these bikini sets are made from sheer mesh and leave almost nothing to the imagination, while others offer a little opaque coverage over your most intimate areas.

The sheer bikinis in this set are not appropriate for wearing in public pools, on beaches or in most public places. However, they are very sexy, flattering, and fun to wear to show your figure to your partner in a private setting.

Skimpy Monokinis

When you think of one-piece swimsuits, modest swimsuit styles are probably among the first to come to mind. While one-piece swimsuits were once considered outdated and frumpy, they are now back on trend. Recently, many celebrities and fashion icons have replaced their two-piece swimsuits with trendy one-piece suits.

Monokinis take the sexy and trendy one-piece swimsuit to the extreme. Classic monokinis have only a tiny triangle of fabric at the bottom and two long straps that hold the swimsuit over the shoulders. Monokinis was considered the first topless swimsuit on the market. Modern monokinis vary in style. Some are still technically topless, while others feature minimal material on top to provide some nipple coverage.

Brazilian Thong Bikini Bottoms

Brazilian thong bikini bottoms are one of the more modest styles in this swimwear collection. These thong bikini bottoms are very flattering and designed to enhance the sexy figures of curvy women. The Brazilian bikini bottoms feature a classic thong cut in the back and include high leg openings that instantly create the illusion of longer legs. These bikini bottoms rest on your hips to elongate your legs, slim your waist and show off your tummy in the most flattering way possible.
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