What is an Extreme Bikini?

What is an extreme bikiniExtreme bikinis, also called micro bikinis, are not as expected or popular as cheeky bikinis, but they have made up a lot of ground in the world of female swimwear in the last decade. These extreme swimsuit styles are ultra-sexy, tiny, and scandalous and offer the bare minimum of coverage. They cover just enough of your body to be considered legally decent, leaving the rest of your skin showing.

Even if you don't feel comfortable going to the beach or lake without more coverage, you can still wear your extreme bikini in more intimate situations. These tiny bikinis are great for sunbathing in the backyard; you'll get an even tan and no annoying tan lines. You can also impress your partner by donning an extreme micro bikini and enjoying an intimate evening in your hot tub or swimming pool.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to be a specific type to wear an extreme bikini. Women with curvy shapes look just as sexy in these thin swimsuits as women with slim bodies and vice versa. All you need to look fabulous in an extreme bikini is courage, confidence, and a style that flatters your unique figure. In this collection, you'll find a wide selection of extreme bikini styles, including thong sets, monokinis, single micro tops, and stockings. In this collection, you are guaranteed to find a style that will fit and flatter your figure and turn heads wherever you go.
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