What is a Brazilian Bikini?

What is a Brazilian Bikini? Brazilian style bikini refers to the Brazilian cut bikini bottom style, which is a skimpy thong bikini bottom that provides minimal coverage of your back. Brazilian style bikini bottoms are characterized by a high-cut leg opening and a high waist.

The Brazilian bikini style was born and became popular in Brazil in the 1970's. America was a little slow to catch on, but bikini bottoms with a distinctly Brazilian silhouette finally hit the women's swimwear market in the late 20th century.

In the modern women's swimwear market in many countries, including the United States, the Brazilian bikini is the most popular. Valued for its natural and universally flattering style and unique silhouette, the Brazilian bikini eliminated the problem of annoying tan marks after a day in the sun. Wearing a Brazilian bikini in the sun will give you an even golden glow without the distraction of unintentional tan lines that are the inevitable result of a classic bikini tan.
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