What is a Halter Bikini?

What is a Halter Bikini? It is one of the most popular bikini top types. Halter bikinis consist of fixed triangle cups and straps that come together around the neck. They have thicker straps and moderate chest coverage. This is why Halter bikinis are a comfortable choice for women spending time at the beach or poolside. It is also a good choice for playing summer sports. Backless bikini tops are perfect for women who want to refresh their beachwear closet. Like halter dresses, halter Bikinis offer great support while hugging curves and exuding sex appeal. Women who like to swim vigorously will love this top's coverage while still ensuring exceptional support. It's no wonder halter swimwear has recently become a must-have for fashion-conscious women. This style will garner compliments from those ready to try something new at any beach party. With stylish colours and decorative details, the high-quality stretch nylon fabric will make any girl and adult woman fall in love with these tops. There are plenty of more information and items to choose from, so pick your favourite and skip the rest. In our wide range of offers, you will find any top (halter tops, triangle tops, bandeau tops, crop tops, wrap tops). The wide range of prices allows you to decide how much you will spend. What's more, you can browse by removable or non-removable padding, size (regular, small, large), colour (we have a wide range of colours), print, low waist, and high waist.
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