What is a High Leg Bikini?

What is a High Leg Bikini? The term "high leg" that distinguishes high leg bikinis from other swimwear only refers to the high cut leg cutouts of this swimwear. High-cut leg cutouts are the only common feature that all high-leg bikinis have. Therefore, the models considered high leg high-legs are extremely hihighnd include bikini models with various cuts in the back and front.

The leg openings of high-leg bikinis extend above the hips, creating a high-waisted fit that falls slightly at the body's center front. The resulting fit effortlessly flatters your curves, making your waist appear slimmer, your tummy flatter, and your legs longer.

Another critical point about high-leg bikinis is that they echo another fashion trend from the 1980s that has gained popularity again in recent years - high-waisted pants. If you go out on the street today, you will hardly find a woman wearing low-cut pants in public. These days, it's all about the high waist. Everything from women's athleisure leggings to simple jeans to bikini bottoms is available with a high waist.

It's no wonder that high-waisted bottoms are making a comeback in the world of women's fashion. High-waisted jeans, leggings, skirts, etc., are comfortable, practical, versatile, and easy to pair with various tops. Not to mention, high-waisted pants effortlessly flatter women of all body types, shapes, and sizes. They accentuate the natural beauty of curvy figures and women's assets with petite and athletic figures. The resurgence of high-waisted bikinis to the top of the trend charts in the mid/late 2010s has boosted women's confidence everywhere. Fortunately, high-waisted bikinis feature the same characteristics that make high-waisted bottoms universally flattering - with the bonus that high-waisted bikinis naturally balance your figure and make your legs look longer.

This high-leg bikini collection features some of the best high-leg bikinis on the women's swimwear market. All of the high-leg bikinis you will find in this collection are from top designers and are in line with the hottest swimwear trends for women. In this collection, you will find a unique handpicked selection of single bikini bottoms with high legs, two-piece bikini sets with higtallgs, and several one-piece swimsuits with tall legs. No matter your body type, figure, or size, you're guaranteed to find an ultra-trendy, leg-lengthening, waist-slimming, and universally flattering high-leg swimsuit in this collection that fits and flatters your figure like it was made for you.

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