What is a monokini

What is a monokini?

Take a look at the search results on the Internet. You will find a topless black and white photo. Who invented the female monokini? Any dictionary will tell you that Rudi Gerneich invented the monokini and that it used to be a topless one-piece. Today it's a little different. It doesn't show and reveal as much as its predecessor made by Rudi. Enhance your sexy figure with this season's new style, the monokini swimsuit. A perfect mix between one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, our monokini swimsuit comes in a wide range of cuts, prints, patterns, and styles to flatter your silhouette (especially the waist!). The monokini or cut-out trikini is the sexiest type of Brazilian beachwear. These swimsuits offer more coverage than a bikini, but the sex appeal of a cut-out piece is undeniable. Monokini swimsuits make you feel confident and beautiful while revealing less than you think. Whether you opt for a cute mid-neck style or a push-up monokini, you'll love the boost this chic suit gives you. Select your favorite features: lace, strappy inserts, or ruffled fabric. No need to look in the dictionary; our site will tell you everything. A monokini (or a trikini in Spanish, French or Italian) is a noun. The monokini is used worldwide: in France, the United States, and many other countries. The translation of monokini - trikini. The word means the same in English, Spanish, Italian, and many other languages. In English, monokini (Mono kini) makes us think it belongs to the family of one-piece swimsuits.
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