What Kind Of Swimsuit Should I Wear

Summer is finally Coming!! How could you miss your special suits for sunshine and the beach? After all, not every person is gonna swim but for show Swimwear!
You can never read girls. They apparently can’t swim, but they’d better shop for at least a chic swimsuit every year to enjoy the sunbath, pose herself,  selfie, and send them on the Instagram moment.
What Kind Of Swimsuit Should I Wear
However, we are not always satisfied with a part of our body’s figure. So it is important to choose a suitable style to catch a boy’s eyes~ What kind of bathing suit fits your shape? Make sure what is your body type firstly.
What Kind Of Swimsuit Should I Wear
It can be simply divided into four types: Square-shaped, Apple-shaped, Pear-shaped, and funnel-shaped. As the name suggests, we can easily make out those shapes’ characters.
No boots and ass, the width between waist and hip are almost the same. Most Asian women are belonging to this figure, so, we need to model ourselves an “S” shape, that is, the smart side-cut crop is the ideal choice.
Square-shapedSquare-shaped    Square-shaped
The upper body is a bit fat, abdominal dewlap is obvious. Girls who are thick waists need to make use of the visual error to pick up swimwear, such as the black color block can highlight the decorative patterns and present a slimmer waistline. No doubt it is the not-yet-slim girl’s boon. 
Less fat in the upper body but wide waist and big ass.
This is rather common in our Asian women. How about high leg cut one-piece swimsuit? It can show you a good shape curve and make you look slim and slender~ Let alone the deep-V is the bright spot!
perfect body with big chests, slim waist, and cute buttock 
BIKINI is the Best Choice!
Of course, except for the above four types, another two fashions also swept the swimsuit world in recent years---Sporty Style and Old-Fashion Style.
Sporty Style:
Funnel-shaped Funnel-shaped Funnel-shaped
Ole-Fashion Style:
Thus, no matter what figure you belong to, Sporty or Supermodel, One-piece or Bikini; Remember one point is Nobody cares about your swimming strokes but your Swimsuit! 
At last, three tips are prepared for you to the beach~
1. Beach bag is a must, not only to put into lots of accessories, make-ups, and sunscreen but the bag itself caters for Beach.
2. Pick a pair of flip-flops to cool yourself in hot summer.
3. If you don’t want to be sun-tanning, you’d better carry a sunscreen shirt. 
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