What type of bikini bottom should you wear?

What type of bikini bottom should you wear by your body style? There are many options to choose from high-waisted Bikini bottoms, thong bikini bottoms, brazilian bikini bottoms, cheeky bikini bottoms, high-leg bikini bottoms, etc. What should you consider when choosing the right one for summer?

For women with rectangular bodies, slim hips and straight bodies, it is recommended to wear flattering pants that add to the feminine proportions and volume of their lower parts. The bottom should appear broader and more shapely. So choose a skirt or a ruffled or gathered bikini bottom. If your tummy needs to be pushed up, choose high-waisted bikini bottoms. This is the perfect way to hide love handles and a slimmer waist. You'll feel beautiful, relaxed and comfortable on the water or beach.

Women with pear-shaped curves and wide hips need to maintain their shape and balance by adding volume to the top and paying little attention to their bottoms. Simple, darker-coloured brief styles can visually slim down. A fabulous comprehensive hip bikini outfit draws the eye to your upper body. A fun and vibrant beach cover-up is a great companion for shapely women. Check out the beachwear category.

Anyone with an hourglass figure will look stylish in everything! Beautiful Brazilian briefs are made to enhance and flatter gorgeous curves. Each model is an alternative. The lucky ones should showcase their well-balanced body, which enhances the waist, legs and feet while providing adequate support to their breasts. High-cut bikini bottoms like black high-leg ones show off your legs and create a slimmer, more extended look.
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