Where to wear Brazilian thong bikini bottoms?

Go through your travel forums review and posts about the beachwear rules and customs. You might be shocked. However, there are many places where wearing string or thong bikini bottoms is generally acceptable. You will likely be allowed to wear these in Brazil and many countries in South America. If you are in Europe, the United States, Canada, and Europe be sure to check the customs and practices of the destination you're planning to. Even if micro-bikinis or G string bathing suits are appropriate, they aren't typically worn. Unless you are looking to draw attention, you might feel more comfortable with something different. Finding family-friendly hotels and other travel places is possible, but it's not always the scenario. It all is contingent on the nation and its culture. Some countries have strict rules regarding bikinis with a thong are only available to hotels that cater to tourists and are not allowed generally. Go to the hotel's forum and go through TripAdvisor for the best websites and social media of the places you're about to travel to. Before you decide to travel, know the local traditions, customs, and laws.
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