Understanding Bikini Bottoms: The Differences between Brazilian and Cheeky

Bikini bottoms come in various styles, designs, and cuts. Some of the most popular styles are Brazilian and cheeky bottoms. In this article, we aim to understand the differences between the two styles and what sets them apart from each other.

What are Brazilian Bikini Bottoms?

Brazilian bikini bottoms are known for their minimal cut and maximum tanning potential . They are designed with ruching down the center back, creating a chic and cheeky look. Younger women tend to prefer this style of swimwear, as it allows them to flaunt their figures while still maintaining some coverage.

What are Cheeky Bikini Bottoms?

Cheeky bikini bottoms offer a little more coverage than a thong bikini, as the name suggests. The back of cheeky bottoms is cut with more coverage, compared to Brazilian bottoms. They provide a more modest look, while still keeping the swimwear stylish and trendy.

Differences between Brazilian and Cheeky Bottoms

When it comes to the cut, Brazilian bottoms have higher cutouts, showing off more skin than cheeky bottoms. The cut of Brazilian bottoms resembles a "Y" shape, while cheeky bottoms have a "V" shaped cut. In terms of coverage, Brazilian bottoms show off more of the bum, while cheeky bottoms provide more coverage and a modest look.

Key Features of Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

  • Minimal cut
  • Maximum tanning potential
  • Ruching down the center back
  • Chic and cheeky design
  • More popular among younger women
  • Flaunts figure without baring all

Key Features of Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

  • Offers more coverage than a thong bikini
  • Back is cut with more coverage
  • Modest look
  • Stylish and trendy

Which Style is Right for You?

The choice between Brazilian and cheeky bottoms ultimately comes down to personal preference and comfort. If you are looking for a swimwear style that allows for maximum tanning potential and a cheeky look, then Brazilian bottoms may be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more modest look with some coverage, then cheeky bottoms may be a better fit.


In conclusion, both Brazilian and cheeky bikini bottoms have their unique features and styles. It is important to consider personal preferences and comfort when choosing the right style of swimwear. Whether you prefer the minimal cut and cheeky design of Brazilian bottoms or the modest look and coverage of cheeky bottoms, both styles provide options for a stylish and trendy beach or pool look.


  1. What is the cut of Brazilian bikini bottoms like? Brazilian bikini bottoms have a cut that resembles a "Y" shape and have higher cutouts, showing off more skin than cheeky bottoms.
  2. Is a Brazilian bikini bottom more revealing than a cheeky bottom? Brazilian bikini bottoms are considered more revealing than cheeky bottoms as they show off more skin, specifically the bum.
  3. Can a cheeky bottom be worn for swimming and water activities? Yes, a cheeky bottom can be worn for swimming and water activities as it offers just a little more coverage than a thong bottom.
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