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Micro Bikinis

Our micro bikini series will show off every inch of your tan this season. Perfect for minimal tan lines, the micro bikini is a must-have for all sun worshippers. The choices are endless, from micro string bikinis to custom micro bikini tops and bottoms in an array of prints and hues. Opt for a pair of bright pink micro bikini bottoms with a matching bikini top and complete the look with a beach shirt. Or keep it simple with a black mini thong bikini, perfect for any summer. Pair your swimwear with our collection of micro thongs. Whatever your vacation mood, you're sure to find the perfect bikini for this season in this selection of micro bikinis.

What is a Micro Bikini?

Micro bikinis, microkinis and tiny bikinis are extremely scandalous and skimpy bikini models. They are usually designed to cover an absolute minimum of skin so that the wearer is not considered indecent. Most micro bikinis for women look like triangle string bikinis, but with no fabric on the back and much smaller triangles on the top. Micro bikinis contain no cups, no lining, no padding, no wires or anything other than thin single-layer fabric attached with strings.

These very revealing swimsuits gained popularity in the early 1990s, and in 1995 the term "microkini" was coined to distinguish this style from a standard bikini or one of its variants. Some swimwear brands and designers have included microkinis in their collections, but these swimsuits are relatively rare because they are considered extreme. However, the intensity of micro bikinis does not mean that you should not try them. Microkinis are a daring style that can be extremely sexy and confident if you wear the right bikini in the right way.

Show your beach body in micro bikini

Many fashion forums say nothing is more daring and comfortable than slipping into a micro bikini. We can see a rising trend in string bikinis. These spectacular extreme swimsuits allow you to show off your beautiful body, whether hanging out on the beach or lounging by the pool in your micro bikini. The best fashion magazines often feature superstars on vacation in a see-through micro bikini set. Micro swimsuits reveal all your most beautiful attributes while participating in your favourite summer activities. As far as fashion is concerned, micro swimwear has come back with a big roar in recent years. Women want to look feminine and accessible on the beach, frolicking happily while tanning practically every inch of their body in the sun. Their lives are about to get even more exciting. This particular thong collection will amaze you with its daring designs. These string bikinis will captivate you with their minimalist cut. Let your inner bastard get better and choose a string swimsuit with tartan, tropical, geometric or abstract patterns. You're fit, you're free, and you're bold. So go for it. Wear one or more of these gorgeous thong sets and let your confidence shine while sunbathing by the hotel pool. It's all about you and wearing what makes you look and feel good. Posts of your trip from the hotel pool or a tropical island will quickly become a hit on all social media! Mini swimsuits and a balmy sea breeze will do the trick.