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What is a monokini swimsuit?

Take a look at the search results on the Internet. You will find a topless black and white photo. Who invented the female monokini? Any dictionary will tell you that Rudi Gerneich invented the monokini and that it used to be a topless one-piece. Today it's a little different. It doesn't show and reveal as much as its predecessor made by Rudi. Enhance your sexy figure with this season's new style, the monokini swimsuit. A perfect mix between one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, our monokini swimsuit comes in a wide range of cuts, prints, patterns, and styles to flatter your silhouette (especially the waist!). The monokini or cut-out trikini is the sexiest type of Brazilian beachwear. These swimsuits offer more coverage than a bikini, but the sex appeal of a cut-out piece is undeniable. Monokini swimsuits make you feel confident and beautiful while revealing less than you think. Whether you opt for a cute mid-neck style or a push-up monokini, you'll love the boost this chic suit gives you. Select your favorite features: lace, strappy inserts, or ruffled fabric. No need to look in the dictionary; our site will tell you everything. A monokini (or a trikini in Spanish, French or Italian) is a noun. The monokini is used worldwide: in France, the United States, and many other countries. The translation of monokini - trikini. The word means the same in English, Spanish, Italian, and many other languages. In English, monokini (Mono kini) makes us think it belongs to the family of one-piece swimsuits.

Monokini Swimsuit or One-Piece Swimsuit?

Monokini Swimsuits - a brand new term, created by Rudi Gernreich. It is pretty sophisticated and best suits slim women. A flawless figure is sure to be beautifully emphasized by the necklines that characterize this cut. The monokini is a great idea for summer when you are happy to have a slim and shapely figure. Check out our wide selection of models from different designers and try this unique cut this summer! It emphasizes the waist and shows delicate, feminine curves. Off-the-shoulder models are very seductive. Lace and other special features like strappy or ruffled inserts make them even more flirtatious! Pick your favorite color: Black, red or pink. Each piece is made of a high-quality fabric that remains transparent even after getting wet and does not show anything undesirable. It's very revealing but less risqué than topless. Perfect for any summer vacation! Our cross-section of styles and prices allows you to choose something for yourself! Sign up for our newsletter and receive a coupon for free shipping in your inbox. Check out our Sale section if you're looking for a great price. Read our privacy policy and terms and conditions - your purchases are safe with us! A quick look at monokini ideas: red color, lace fabrics, wrap top, Spanish neckline, ruffle, strappy elements. In terms of colors and patterns, you will find absolutely everything.

How to wear a monokini?

How to wear a monokini? You can wear it under dresses, wrap a pareo around your hips, and go on vacation to the sea (enjoy water slides!)! This front cutout swimsuit can vary from one to another. However, it is not a topless swimsuit. Perfect for a pool party or beach party and also a great gift idea. Where can I find a monokini? Could you take a quick look at our collection? Women who want to buy this special suit won't find it just anywhere. The unique style, developed in the Swinging Sixties and is very popular in Brazil, is usually only offered in select swimwear stores. We proudly provide various styles, colors, sizes, designs, and signs to suit every mood. On our website, you can find the best selection and see the quality for yourself. Enhance your summer by wearing this iconic swim look. Forgo predictable styles and go for the unexpected with a South American flair. This bold yet elegant design will make the most of your vacation by the sea or an ordinary day on the patio. The halter top's classic beauty and the bottom's boldness combine for a stunning, eye-catching look for any waterfront occasion. Whether you're ordering an umbrella drink by the pool, enjoying the slide at a water park, or kicking up the sand at the seaside, few swimsuits offer as much personality and sex appeal. What could be better than wearing a swimsuit that looks like no other by the water? A reasonable price, of course! In our store, you will find inexpensive models to see looks for every need. Combine it with dresses with ruffles and lace! Please take a quick look at our clearance price. So it will be even easier to slip into the hottest suit in the world.