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Thong Bikinis & Thong Swimsuits

Draw the eye this summer in a sexy thong bikini. Whether swimming in the ocean or tanning by the pool, you're sure to make an impression in this collection's thong bikini styles. Thong swimsuits show off your backside and accentuate your curves, adding a sexy finish to any summer swimwear look. Be bold and wear a thong bikini on your next trip to the lake or beach, or keep things more private and wear it for wrinkle-free tanning sessions in your backyard.

All thong bikinis in this collection are made of durable, high-quality, water-resistant fabric that flatters every figure and ensures a great fit. They are available in many fun patterns and colours that keep up with the latest trends in swimwear for women. This collection features several thong bikini styles - including classic thong bikinis, string thong bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, and hipster thong bikinis - so you have plenty of options to find the perfect thong bikini that will keep you feeling sexy and confident all summer long.

How to Wearing a Thong Bikini

As women's fashion trends move towards more scandalous, revealing pieces, thong bikinis are becoming increasingly popular as standard summer swimwear. Whereas ten years ago, few women would have thought to show off their bottoms in a thong bikini at a public beach or swimming pool, thong bikinis are the rule rather than the exception. In some public pools, beaches and lakes, thong swimwear is still frowned upon, but most have abandoned their "no thongs" rules and embraced the scandalous swimwear that has been thrust into the spotlight by sexy style icons like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

Thong bikinis aren't just for celebrities. Believe it or not, you can wear a thong bikini to the beach and feel sexy and confident at the same time. If you want to wear a thong bikini yourself, this guide will help you choose the trendiest thong bikini for your body and keep your motivation high by learning about the many benefits of wearing a thong bikini this summer.