How to use a bikini trimmer

Trimming the bikini area isn’t for everyone. Some believe that pubic hair should let do what it does naturally. But if you’re a trimming kind of girl, our blog post then will help. We'll give some tips on how to use a bikini trimmer rightly so that your skin stays healthy
1. Get your machine ready.
To avoid any chance of an interruption, make sure that your electric trimmer has enough charge. Or you can charge it for fifteen minutes.
It’s also best practice to clean its blades and oil them so they run easily each time you use them and ensure better performance from start to finish.
We recommend a cordless trimmer for the job. It’s easier to maneuver and some models can be washed entirely.
2. Pre-cut your hair
If your bikini area hair is long. It’s a good idea to cut your bikini hair with scissors. This will make the shaving process faster later. Make sure only use clean scissors for accurate cuts every time. Also, wash it completely after the manual shaving.
3. Have a warm bath
Before removing your pubic hairs, make sure that the area is soft and wet. This will help soften them for easier Trimming. It'll also open up your hair follicles, which is essential when close trimming.
Soak in the warm tub for 5-0 minutes. After that, apply a pubic hair conditioner before patting the area dry.
4. Exfoliate your skin
After this, you should exfoliate. This will remove dead skin which will prevent ingrown hairs and it'll also give a near shave.
Still, if this is your first time on the razor blade – you should skip out on doing so, or else you might feel pain or, even worse have a rash!
5. Use shaving cream (if shaving wet)
Still, apply paring cream made specifically for this area, If you prefer a wet shaver. For dry trimmers, pat the bikini area dry. Take note that the type of trimmer will also affect the efficiency of the grooming process.
6. Start trim
Now that your skin is ready, turn the trimmer on and start gliding it through your bikini area. Always trim or shave in the same direction where your hair grows. Trying to go against the grain will hurt bad. It’s also a recipe for a stubble disaster.
For better shaving, pull your skin taut smoothly. This will let the trimmer glide better on the skin. Also, don’t push the blade to the skin. The slice angles of the trimmer will do the job of contouring the curves of your skin.
7. Have a 5- minute warm soak
After you’re done trimming your bikini area, soak back to the warm tub water, then pat yourself off with a towel or cloth.
After 5 minutes, pat your skin dry. Make sure that you also clean the trimmer blade and accessories with warm water.
8. Skincare after shaving
When skin is dry, apply baby oil on the trimmed area to prevent trash buildup. However, you can use your body lotion or Aloe vera gel, If you have sensitive skin.
We recommend that you trim daily to prevent rashes. Also, it'll help you get used to the drill, which will make it faster to perform on busy days.
Other Tips
1. Don’t use men’s aftershave
Because the bikini area is a particularly sensitive part, use only products specifically made for it. However, also you may see some irritations afterward If you suppose men’s aftershave cream works. It’s better to stick to baby oil or a gentle lotion or gel.
2. Elect the right trimmer
It’s important to buy the best trimmer for your requirements. Choose between dry and wet trimmers carefully. Select a trimmer that can be washed entirely. Since you’re going to use it in the bathroom, the water resistance will prevent damage to the electronic parts.
3. Take it slowly
Shaving directly affects your skin and body, so take it slowly and as carefully as possible.
Trimming your pubic hair takes some time and practice. You may find that it’s not as easy at first, but with patience, you’ll get better
4. Help your sensitive skin adjust
However, rashes are imminent after trimming, If you have sensitive skin. It’s important to moisturize and warm up your skin before putting it under the electric trimmer.
5. Use a mirror
While trimming, you should use a mirror to check your bikini area. Since this area can be difficult to see without help from on high or below, using one will allow you peace of mind!
Final words
We hope this blog post has helped answer any questions you may have about how to use a bikini trimmer. However, feel free to reach out and let us know what else you would like to learn!
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