What is a brazilian one piece swimsuit?

A Brazilian one-piece swimsuit refers to a type of one piece bathing suit that is characterized by a high cut on the legs, and often a low cut on the back as well. This style of one-piece swimsuit is designed to show off more skin and create a more revealing look. Brazilian one-pieces typically have less coverage on the bottom, the cut of the leg is often higher than regular one-pieces, giving a more minimal look to the bottom. The design may vary, it can be a full coverage on the chest and tummy area, or can be a plunge neckline.

Brazilian one-pieces are a popular option for those who want a more modern and fashionable look, and are often worn by those who prefer a more minimal coverage and flaunt their legs and back. The style can vary, it can be sleek and simple or it can have cut-outs or embellishments.