Push Up Bandeau Bikini

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Push Up Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau bikini tops are a timeless classic in women's swimwear. They're simple - after all, just a band of fabric that wraps around the chest - but they've managed to hold their own as a top trend in women's swimwear since they became popular in the 1950s.

Bandeau bikini tops traditionally don't provide much lift or support, mainly due to their strapless style. However, the push-up design of the bandeau bikini tops in this collection offers to lift, support and security for women of any bust size.

Bandeau Push Up Swimsuits

Natural look and a sexy look? Bandeau push-up swimsuits will do the job! Please choose one of our beautiful models and feel like a star on the beach! The latest cuts and hot patterns will make you feel super attractive and confident! The adjustable laces keep your breasts in place, while a strapless push-up bra will ensure an even tan! Have you found the perfect bikini top for you yet? With the vast selection of the Sunnybikinis Shop, you're sure to find the right one! Our designers have thought of every woman and created swimwear with the trendiest patterns and cuts that fully show off and embrace every woman's body shape. If you don't have particularly full cleavage, a bandeau push-up swimsuit is one of the best choices. It combines the natural look of a bandeau (literally, a band) and a push-up that beautifully shapes the female cleavage. Your breasts will be well supported and sexily lifted! So if you like to feel carefree, natural and attractive at the same time, bandeau push-up swimsuits are the right choice. Accessories, tropical patterns, and exotic, animal, floral or ethnic prints will convince you and make you one of the stars on the beach, even if you take a nap under your beach umbrella! Please take a look at our collection of accessories and dresses. If you like swimming, diving and surfing, look at our crop tops.