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String Thong Bikini

Thong string bikinis are among the skimpiest string bikini bottoms. They are designed to show off your rear end.

There are several different thong string bikini styles. Most string bikinis have a small triangle of fabric on the back. On the other hand, G-string bikini swimsuits do not have this triangle, and the material is only connected in the front by strings on the sides and back to show even more skin.

String Thong Bikinis

String thong bikinis have a narrow string band that ties on both sides. They are slightly more revealing than classic thong bikinis because their waistband is so thin. They also contain less material and offer less coverage in the front. Some string thong bikinis show even more bare skin by wearing a string in the back instead of fabric. These ultra-scandalous, sexy bikinis show off your entire backside, leaving very little to the imagination.

Since string thong bikinis tie each side, their fit can be easily adjusted. These bikinis are incredibly flattering for women who have trouble finding a bikini that fits their waist well.